House with pool

Porto San Paolo, Sardinia

This pool has been built to complete an existing house on the charming hillside of Porto San Paolo, Sardinia.

We’re in Gallura, in front of Tavolara island, just miles away east of Olbia.

The steep natural slope allowed the creation of infinity pool that opens to to the horizon, in continuity with the sea and cut the nearby town and building from view. The overflowing water is then sent as a waterfall in a water recycling system.

The poolside floor in Ipè wood and the stainless steel railings recall the deck of a yacht, in navigation toward the island.

Residenza con piscina Porto San Paolo, progetto Marcello Scano

Project details

Customer: Private

Year: 2007

Designer: Marcello Scano | Interior Design Studio

About us

Interior Design Studio is located in Porto San Paolo, via Sarrabus 26.

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